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  • "Just for the Love of It" continues to be a big song for country icon Charlie Pride. Both England and Denmark report strong sales and airplay.
  • Contemporary Christian artists Jeff and Sherri Easter also continue to enjoy success the "Just for the Love of It".
  • Sheri Porter has recorded "Letter to the Front" on a compilation CD to be distributed in Wal-Mart.
  • Country group Yankee Grey has recorded "A Love Like That".
  • Environmentalist Earth Mama has included "I Just Know" on her "Under the Rainbow" CD.
  • Country satire song, "Turn the Other Cheek"M recorded by Canadian artist, Lori Kole.
  • Recent word on the street is that Jeff Chase's self-penned song, "Heaven Begins Right Now" is on hold for pop and contemporary Christian acts in Atlanta and Los Angeles.
  • Jeff Chase continues to donate his time as a songwriter to work with the Words and Music, an important program of the Country Music Foundation. The program pairs songwriters with teachers who encourage their 4th to 12th grade students to write lyrics, which the songwriters then turn into several songs that the kids hear during field trips to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.
  • Country song, "The Taste of Your Kiss" has been cut as a pop version by Slate McReynolds.
  • Four songs from the Blue Drops Publishing calalog have been placed in several student's movies at prestigious Watkins College of Art and Design in Nashville, Tennessee.
  • Jeff Chase recently was chosen to speak on a panel at Vanderbilt University to inform students about possible career choices in music and film.

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